Better Baseball Hitting

Many people seem to believe that baseball hitting at a high performance level is just some natural athletic ability that some people have while most people don’t. But excellent baseball hitting requires excellent baseball training in the science and art of batting.

It’s true that some natural abilities are needed in order for one to have the potential to become an excellent hitter in baseball. For instance, a .400 hitter will never be unless he’s got superior eyesight, so that he’s able to pick up the ball from the earliest point in the pitcher’s delivery and then read the spinning of the seams in great detail. And, yes, there does need to be a natural gift for basic hand-eye coordination.

But hitting a baseball well is widely regarded as the single most difficult feat in all of professional sports, all things considered. The baseball hitter has to use a round stick to hit a round ball, and that ball is moving rapidly (sometimes VERY rapidly) over a short distance and has been thrown by someone who is intending to make that ball miss the bat. And that’s all just about making CONTACT with the ball. Then there’s the part where the contact is supposed to be good enough that it gives the batter’s team some offense!

So, truly, there’s more to batting than meets the eye when it comes to baseball hitting. Mind and body have to work in unison to achieve effective hitting results. And that’s just not going to happen unless there is some excellent baseball training in hitting.

Think about it. With only rare exceptions, major league baseball pitchers, some of the greatest athletes in the world, are utterly terrible at batting. You would think that they would be some of the very best hitters because they supposedly can anticipate the pitcher better than most other players. And those of us who played little league baseball surely remember those guys who were great pitchers as well as great hitters–in fact, that seemed to go hand in hand a great deal of the time. But clearly, that’s not the case in the major leagues. You see, major league pitching itself is such a demanding art that pitchers have to spend most of their practice time pitching–not taking batting practice. So, even though they may have a lot of natural talent, very few of them can be even competent big-leagues baseball hitters. Their baseball training just doesn’t fall into that category.

If you notice, you’ll see that most catchers aren’t anything better than mediocre hitters, either, although they certainly are better than pitchers and there are some of them who are real batting champions. The baseball training of catchers, too, is more highly specialized to focus on the extremely difficult to master set of skills needed for catching.

So, excellent baseball hitting is so difficult that some of the best athletes aren’t very good at it–simply because they don’t get enough of the specialized baseball training that makes good hitters. Another thing to think about is that really good baseball hitting is so difficult to master that we give Most Valuable Player awards to hitters who get put out 650, 675, 700 times out of every 1,000 at bats! And if a guy makes an out even more than 700 times for every 1,000 attempts, but he can hit that ball a country mile 35 or 40 or 50 times when he DOES make contact, we may give him an MVP trophy, too!

So, what this all means for you is that there are certain baseball training techniques that are designed to make “merely” talented baseball hitters into good, or great, baseball hitters.

Baseball hitting training is designed to: improve hip and thoracic spine mobility; increase the ability to store and release bodily kinetic energy, especially by increasing the tensile power of the hips; and improve the synergy between the hips, torso, arms, bat, eye, and brain.

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